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Administration BuildingProposition NCompleted
Arts & Humanities BuildingProposition NCompleted
Arts VillageProposition SCompleted
Automotive Technology Career Instructional BuildingProposition SCompleted
Aviation Maintenance Technology CenterProposition NCompleted
Boiler ExpansionProposition SCompleted
Cafeteria/Bookstore & Student/Campus CenterProposition NCompleted
Campus Safety EnhancementsProposition NCompleted
Campus Site Design & Environmental ReviewProposition SCompleted
Cogeneration FacilityProposition SCompleted
College Service CenterProposition NCompleted
Computing & Distribution CenterProposition SCompleted
Construct Leave a Legacy PlazaProposition SCompleted
Expand Automotive Technology Career Instructional BuildingProposition NCompleted
Expansion of Maintenance FacilitiesProposition NCompleted
Fire Technology & EMT Training CenterProposition NCompleted
Heavy Duty Advanced Transportation Technology Center (Diesel)Proposition NCompleted
Hourglass Park Field HouseProposition SCompleted
Infrastructure - Phase IProposition SCompleted
Infrastructure - Phase IIProposition NCompleted
Library/Learning Resource CenterProposition NCompleted
Mathematics & Business BuildingProposition NCompleted
Parking Structure #1 & Police SubstationProposition NCompleted
Remodel A100 BuildingProposition NCompleted
Remodel Existing Police Academy (A‐200 Building)Proposition NCompleted
Reprographics/Mailroom RelocationProposition SCompleted
Science & Technology BuildingProposition SCompleted
Science Building - Renovate Classrooms to Labs/Add WingProposition NCompleted
Student Resource and Welcome CenterProposition NCompleted