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Temporary Parking/All-Weather Track/Stadium Restrooms


Project Delivery Method:
Project Budget:
Construction Duration:
Funding Source:
$8.3 million
2011 - 2012
Proposition N


The Temporary Parking/All-Weather Track/Stadium Restrooms project involved multiple components, beginning with the temporary conversion of Mesa’s original track and field facility to a temporary parking lot to allow for the construction of the campus’ new parking structure, part of the East Campus Improvement Project. Upon completion of the parking structure, the temporary parking was demolished to create the new athletic facility. 

The athletic facility project included installation of new artificial turf with regulation-size fields for football and soccer, an all-weather synthetic track suitable for world-class track and field events, an upper field event area, and ADA-compliant pedestrian ramp, restroom and companion seating. The facility includes areas for events such as long/triple jump, the steeplechase water jump, pole vault, high jump, shot put, hammer/discus, and the javelin. The project included approximately 100,000 square feet of artificial turf, five acres of synthetic track and bleacher capacity for 4.500 spectators. The project also involved the construction of new restroom facilities in 2012.
Project Team:
  • Architect | Athletic Facility: CMX Sports Engineering and the Paige Design Group 
  • Architect | Restrooms: Manuel Oncina Architects
  • Contractor | Athletic Facility: Byrom-Davey Restrooms: Augustine Company 
  • Propositions S & N Program Manager: Gafcon, Inc.
  • Campus Project Manager: Diane K. Malone, AIA NCARB LEED AP, Gafcon, Inc.
  • Project Manager: Mike Clark, Gafcon Inc.
  • Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) Project Manager: Tricia Hendrickson, Gafcon, Inc.