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"C" Building Renovation


Project Delivery Method:
Project Budget:
Construction Duration:
Funding Source:
$21.1 million
2014 - 2016
Proposition N
The "C" Building renovation involved the interior demolition and renovation of 32,500 SF of the 50-year-old building to bettersupport the college's programs in Radio/TV and Journalism, Dramatic Arts, Dance, and Music. All common areas, faculty offices, restrooms, corridors and lobby spaces were also renovated. The scope also involved renovations of an adjacent courtyard and several office spaces in the "L" building where two radio stations were relocated. The project was awarded a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver certification. 
Special Features
The building is equipped with a new television studio, which underwent a major upgrade to its equipment to ensure full digital compatibility as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It Also features state-of-the-art video editing suites, news rooms, film screening lab, two new dance studios, music recording studio, electronic piano lab, lab for new music technology (Musical Instrument Digital Interface - MIDI), costume design lab and workshop, set and scene design shop, makeup room, green room, dressing rooms, and other spaces and classrooms to support the main programs.

Sustainable Features

  • Removal of all existing ceiling insulation containing asbestos
  • Providing roofing and exterior paving with SRI index to minimize heat island effect
  • Use of water-efficient plumbing fixtures reducing the use of potable water by over 40%
  • Low volatile organic compound (VOC) emitting materials, adhesives and paints
  • High efficient HVAC system achieving over 15% reduction in total HAVC energy cost
  • Enhanced commissioning
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) glazing on windows and storefront allows natural light in but blocks radiant heat
  • Reuse of existing major building structures and walls to minimize demolition waste
  • Use of recycled materials throughout
  • Maximized the diversion from landfill disposal of demolition and construction materials, waste and debris
  • Increased ventilation for improved indoor air quality 

Project Team

  • Design-Builder:  Sundt Construction
  • Architect: Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects
  • Civil Engineer: Berger ABAM Flores Lund Consultants
  • Structural Engineer: Stedman and Dyson Structural Engineers
  • Design-Build Electrical:  Bergelectric
  • Electrical Engineer: Randall Lamb
  • Design-Build Mechanical:  Pacific Rim Mechanical
  • Mechanical Engineer: DEC Engineers, Inc.
  • Landscape Architect:  Wimmer Yamada and Caughey
  • Acoustical and Media consultant:  McKay Conant Hoover
  • Broadcasting consultant:  BFA
  • Intrusion Alarm:  EXP U.​S. Services Inc.
  • Fire Protection:  Schmidt Fire Protection
  • Fire Alarm:  Pyro-Comm Systems, Inc.
  • Propositions S & N Program Manager: Gafcon, Inc.
  • Campus Project Manager: Thomas J. Fine, CCM, JE Moore Consulting
  • Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E) Project Manager: Eloisa Raymundo, Gafcon, Inc.