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​San Diego Continuing Education is made up of six​ unique campuses located throughout the City, and is the largest educational institution of its kind in the nation. Propositions S & N-funded projects for Continuing Education include the construction of six new campus facilities, a major wing extension for the Educational Cultural Complex (ECC), a campus seismic retrofit, and land acquisition required to complete campus expansions as promised to the voters.
Additionally Propositions S & N-funded projects include the acquisition of property for and the construction of a new District Service Center, and districtwide technology upgrades.
Cesar Chavez Parking StructureProposition SCompleted
Computer Hardware & SoftwareProposition SCompleted
Consolidation of Centre City & Cesar Chavez CampusProposition SCompleted
Continuing Education Mesa College CampusProposition NCompleted
Educational Cultural Complex (ECC) Land Acquisition & Relocation Skills CenterProposition SCompleted
Educational Cultural Complex Phase IIB WingProposition NCompleted
Land Acquisition/Renovation of Building at District Service CenterProposition SCompleted
Mid City CampusProposition SCompleted
North City CampusProposition SCompleted
North City Parking StructureProposition SCompleted
Seismic Retrofit Secondary Effects at Centre CityProposition SCompleted
West City CampusProposition SCompleted