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Geographically the largest campus property within the District, the 120-acre San Diego Miramar College originally opened as a training facility for San Diego's law enforcement personnel and firefighters in 1969. It has grown into one of the fastest-growing colleges in the county. Propositions S & N-funded projects for Miramar College include eight new instructional and career training facilities, five major renovations, parking facilities, public safety enhancements, numerous infrastructure projects and new campus support and operational facilities. The design and construction will follow the Miramar College Facilities Master Plan.
Administration BuildingProposition NCompleted
Arts & Humanities BuildingProposition NCompleted
Arts VillageProposition SCompleted
Automotive Technology Career Instructional BuildingProposition SCompleted
Aviation Maintenance Technology CenterProposition NCompleted
Boiler ExpansionProposition SCompleted
Cafeteria/Bookstore & Student/Campus CenterProposition NCompleted
Campus Safety EnhancementsProposition NCompleted
Campus Site Design & Environmental ReviewProposition SCompleted
Cogeneration FacilityProposition SCompleted
College Service CenterProposition NCompleted
Computing & Distribution CenterProposition SCompleted
Construct Leave a Legacy PlazaProposition SCompleted
Expand Automotive Technology Career Instructional BuildingProposition NCompleted
Expansion of Maintenance FacilitiesProposition NCompleted
Fire Technology & EMT Training CenterProposition NCompleted
Heavy Duty Advanced Transportation Technology Center (Diesel)Proposition NCompleted
Hourglass Park Field HouseProposition SCompleted
Infrastructure - Phase IProposition SCompleted
Infrastructure - Phase IIProposition NCompleted
Library/Learning Resource CenterProposition NCompleted
Mathematics & Business BuildingProposition NCompleted
Parking Structure #1 & Police SubstationProposition NCompleted
Remodel A100 BuildingProposition NCompleted
Remodel Existing Police Academy (A‐200 Building)Proposition NCompleted
Reprographics/Mailroom RelocationProposition SCompleted
Science & Technology BuildingProposition SCompleted
Science Building - Renovate Classrooms to Labs/Add WingProposition NCompleted
Student Resource and Welcome CenterProposition NCompleted