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The SDCCD Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) is an advisory body to the District on matters related to the Propositions S & N construction bond program implementation as required by California’s Proposition 39, which mandates that citizen advisory panels be established to assure accountability for the use of public funds.
The Committee’s three main duties are to:
  • Inform the public on the District’s expenditures of bond proceeds.
  • Review expenditures to assure that proceeds are being spent for projects approved and outlined within the proposition(s).
  • Produce and present an annual report to summarize the Committee’s proceedings and activities within the prior year.
Members are appointed to the COC by the Board of Trustees for the District, and represent many diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, including business, public finance and construction management.
Membership involves the following:
  • A two-year term. Members in good standing are eligible for a second or third two-year term. Members may not serve more than three consecutive terms.
  • Attendance at three meetings per year, down from quarterly meetings due to the scaling down of the program. Meetings generally run between 60-90 minutes.
  • The Construction and Finance Subcommittee has been dissolved, due to the stage in the program and the overlap between its activities and those of the full Committee. The Communications Subcommittee, tasked with the development of the COC's Annual Report, will continue to meet three times a year (October, November, and December) until the full Committee concludes its work.
  • Participation in periodic campus facilities tours to view construction projects in progress.

To contact a member of the Citizens' Oversight Committee, please email our C.O.C. coordinator.

Citizens' Oversight Committee Members
Elizabeth Armstrong College Support OrganizationMesa College Foundation
Leslie Bruce, J.D., Vice ChairMember at largeCommunity Member
Mike FrattaliTaxpayer AssociationSan Diego County Taxpayers Association
Shandon HarbourTaxpayer AssociationSan Diego County Taxpayers Association
Bob Kiesling, ChairTaxpayer AssociationSan Diego County Taxpayers Association
Ed OremenSenior Citizens' OrganizationAmerican Association of Retired Persons
Jason PaguioBusiness OrganizationAsian Business Association of San Diego
Linda ZintzMember at largeCommunity Member
Allen KuoStudent RepresentativeMiramar College
Julia KoganStudent RepresentativeContinuing Education
Currently, there are no member vacancies. If you are interested in serving, please contact Ursula Kroemer at for an application.